Youth Snowboards, which board is best for the younger rider?

Youth Snowboards, are typically shorter in both width and length in order to accommodate shorter lighter riders with a smaller shoe size. Yet most big name brands now offer youth snowboards.

So what's the difference between Youth and Adult Snowboards?

Well apart from the size, youth boards are generally built to the emphasis of strength rather than technological performance. As its likely that younger snowboards will beat the slopes more harder with there snowboards leading low strength boards to break. Of course this does also mean youth boards are also allot cheaper than adults.

Can younger riders not just ride normal Adult boards?

This is not recommended due to the fact that a snowboarders board is depicted by its length so a shorter rider using a long board would not have the leg length to be able to turn! What's more its also likely (in the case of a package deal) there feet would not fit the bindings.

Top four tips you need to know when buying a snowboard for younger riders

1) Height

This determines the board length, boards length should generally be between the riders chest and chin.

2) Shoe size

Do you have a larger shoe size than normal? If so a wider board is recommended.

3) Riding ability

Are you a beginner? If so then go for a beginner board, or if your an expert an expert board will cater for you better.

4) Budget

How much do you want to spend?

So what's the best board?

Well this again depends on the above points, however recommend the following snowboards:

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Best all round recommended snowboard for youths:

For best price:

For best performance:

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