Walk uphill and on flat sections while still on your snowboard.

Learning to walk while still attached to your snowboard, can reduce allot of effort, however understandably, there are times where you may simply have no option than to take your Snowboard off and hike.

Still these are some of the methods open which allow you to cover short distances without undoing both bindings.

The four methods:


This is where you literally jump with both feet in an upward motion while lunging yourself forward Both feet remaining in the bindings!) Useful for small areas, otherwise don't waste your time.

Front Paddle

This is used for flat areas, or slight inclines where you need to cover more distance than the jump allows. Here we lean back on the snowboards tail tip, while sliding the nose of the board forward - by pushing our right foot forward and allowing the slight movement in the left foot. Then pop onto the nose tip, and sliding the tail (left foot) of the board forward. Then pop back onto the tail tip of the board and repeat this over until the distance needed has been travelled.

Side Paddle

This is useful when your coming to a stop or slowing on a slope, or in need to extra speed (if going at a slow pace). Here the nose of the board is pointing down hill (if not use the front paddling method). Now slightly lean forward until the tail tip of the board leaves the ground. And put the tail back on the ground slowly while using the flex of the board (keeping pressure on your front foot to keep the board tight). This should gently slide you forward.

One foot push

This is used the most out of the three methods, and allows greater distances to be covered, including up inclines. Here we take the back foot out (always the back foot). And push/skate with this foot on the toe side of the board (pushing with your toes not your heel or whole foot), until momentum occurs.


Please remember these methods don't come naturally and can take a while to learn and depend on the flexibility of your snowboard (especially the Front Paddle. But keep at it and you'll have them down in no time.


# Jumping

Used for very small distances.

# Front Paddle

Long but still short distances.

# Side Paddle

Slowing right down? Use this method.

# One foot push

Still stuck? Take your back foot out.

# Hike

50 meters up hill is your chair lift. Take that board off and get walking!

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