Toeside turns on your snowboard look good! Learn them here!

Toeside turns follow the same technique as heelside turns, but this time your riding on your toe edge and of course you'll be turning the over way!

You'll be aiming to drag your back foots edge behind your front foot.

This will:

Turn Goofy riders: too the left

Turn Regular riders: too the right

See this performed in the following videos (spectators view and riders view):

Steps to make your first turn

Please learn this first on only a mildly inclined slope, in order for you to get turning at the most quickest and safest way.

# Step one

Begin by standing up on your Heelside metal rail (as done in falling leaf) then when ready begin to put weight on the whole of your front foot - your left foot should then follow. Then begin going in a straight line.

# Step two

Once going at a comfortable speed begin to shift weight onto your front foots toe edge (your back foots edge should follow).

# Step three

Then move your shoulders round while sliding your back foot behind you (aiming to push up onto your toes rail edge), bend your knees down as you come round.
# Step four

Keep pushing your back foot behind you until you have traveled far enough, return to the fall line and get ready to turn back heelside.

Almost there!

Keep trying until you get this down! Its easier to fall over than heelside as your facing the slope you can see where your falling. Again bending your knees helps with falling - you may even find your balance again!

Learn how to combine toeside turns and heelside turns by clicking me!