Snowboard Stance

Determine your snowboard stance! In snowboarding, and alike its boarding cousins (surfing, wakeboarding ect), you generally ride with either right foot forward (Goofy) or left foot forward (Regular).

Switch stance Is when the snowboarder is riding with is normal leading foot as his trailing foot thus his normal back foot is now leading!

So! Which stance am I?
A confused snowboarder. Generally:

Right footed means: Regular

Left footed means: Goofy

However I kick a ball with my right foot, and i'm right handed but I snowboard in a Goofy stance thus its always best to confirm this using one of the following:

Any other board sport?

Firstly if you already do any other alternative board sports i.e. Skateboarding or Surfing use the same foot which you place on the front or nose of the board in the same place on your snowboard (bindings can always be turned around 180 degrees on a twin tip board to allow riders to use both Regular and Goofy.).

If however you don't do any other board sports use the push method:

Push Method

This is where you get a friend to gently push you from behind. your reactions (I hope!) will be to put one leg out in front, generally this would be your stronger leg and this leg's foot should go in front.

Alternatively, if your scared of your big friend pushing you to the ground, just ride! Whichever way feels natural stick with!

To return from snowboard stance. And learn how to put your snowboard on in our second lesson!