Snowboard resorts - Which one is the best?

In our search to find the best snowboard resorts, we looked far and wide yet one resort continuously stood out as the number one.

Its known worldwide as a snowboarding mecca and features some of the best snowboard parks and conditions attracting the top snowboarders world wide.

Whistler (Canada)

Whistler contains two mountains (Whistler & Blackcomb), both which are now linked together via a bubble lift.

Whistler has over 7000 acres of ridable areas, featuring three glaciers and two hundred slopes.

Whistler receives a reported ten plus meters of snow a year.

Board Parks

Whistler mountain features two board parks (known as Habitat), while Blackcomb has six including a summer glacier park, a super park and a snowcross track.
Back Country

Whistler offers excellent back country snowboarding, with many favouring Whistler mountain over Blackcomb for this reason.

Whistler is also famous for Heli skiing, which allows snowboarders the experience of being taken up too otherwise unapproachable track free areas.


Whether its the sheer size of Whistler and its village, the excellent conditions, or availability of board parks, Whistler stands as the Number 1. resort, and we believe it will hold this status for sometime.

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