Snowboard Parts

Here I have detailed each of a snowboard parts. When first learning to snowboard, or if picking up the basics you'll want to know what your looking at when you look at your snowboard, see below for each of the parts:

Top of snowboard

Here we can see a great overview of the board, we can see all the parts which exist on the top - standing out are the two bindings, these are what your feet are secured into, in order too allow maximum response from the snowboard, you can also see the rounded tips at both the Nose and the Tail of the board, this allows this twin tip board to be rode in both switch and regular. Top of a snowboard

Snowboard Base

Here we can see the base (admittedly it pretty beaten up!). This is what needs to be looked after (cleaned/waxed) in order to maximize ride ability. Snowboard base.

Snowboard side

Here we can see the metal rails running alongside the bottom of the boards side. This is what makes contact when turning and needs to be rust free and sharp.

Snowboard side.

To return from Snowboard Parts and learn whats your snowboard stance, in our second lesson.