Get your first snowboard jump down!

Learn a snowboard jump once you have got your Linked turns down!
Don't expect to be hitting any jumps just yet, we'll be aiming to simply go in a straight line and jump on the piste.

Shown in the following example:

I advise you first practice on a flat piece of slope, then try moving at a small pace, once you can do this try jumping of lumps on the piste then find a board park!

Whatever method you choose, you always jump the same way.

Steps to perform your first jump

# Step One

Bend your knees and crouch down. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed.

# Step Two

Begin putting more weight on your back foot and begin lifting your front foot up. This should (depending on the flex of your snowboard), bring the front end of your snowboard off the ground.

# Step Three

Then in an explosive movement flick your front foot higher into the air and pop of your back foot. Snowboarder Jump!

# Step Five

Now tuck your knees up as your airbourne. Trying to keep your weight centred in the air.

# Step Six

As soon as you land bend your knees to absorb the shock, aiming to land on both feet, at the same time.

# Step Seven

Ride away - Looking good!

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