Snowboard in Australasia, whats it like?

Snowboard in Australasia, maybe done for those looking for a different alternative to the traditionally western spots, or simply for someone looking to snowboard when most the resorts are gone in the west. Or you may even be locally near. Either way here's what we can say:


Australias resorts lie on on the south east of the country, with nine resorts, austalia does seem to struggleto contend with its nearest snowriding country - New zealand. But neverless, being in the southern hemisphere does of course mean summer snowboarding for those from Europe or America.

Couple that with renown hard partying and up market slope side conditions and Australia can be seen as an attractive destination for snowboarding.

New Zealand

New Zealand would be seen as the optimal choice for those wanting summer skiing not limited to few resorts within Europe. And offers large areas of off piste particularly accessable thourgh heli-skiing. However if coming from europe or americadon't expect tree runs as these are non-exsistant and can be seen as a noticable differnce. New Zealand offers 12 resortssome which boast excellent snowparks, and uncrowded pistes.

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