Putting on snowboard bindings for the first time.

Putting your snowboard bindings on may look easy, and hassle free, can provide problems and even lead to your snowboard sailing miles away from you down a slope!

You'll need to know the correct method in putting a snowboard on heres how:

Getting in your snowboard

You may have the choice of putting your snowboard on flat land as oppose to an decline/side of a slope. Getting ready to snowboard. Getting into your snowboard on flat land, allows you to have no problems with your snowboard potentially sliding away.

However this may leave you stuck and you may need to take your board off, and move further onto an decline in order to move onwards once standing up. However if you can put this on while on flat do this.

If this is not a possibility, move onto the safest side of the slope (the one with least people going by). Then follow the following steps:

Putting a snowboard on, while on a decline

Step 1:

Place your snowboard rail side down (see Parts of a snowboard if you don't know what this is). Then sit down facing down the slope.

Getting ready to snowboard

Step two:

Once sat down (keeping hold of the snowboard at this point!). Keep the rail edge dug into the snow, and put in either one of your feet into the binding and slip shut the straps (still holding onto the board with your opposite hand). Then repeat with your other foot.

Step three:

Then either, slowly lean forward, (keeping balance on the rail which is currently dug into snow). And slowly unbend your knees standing up while at the same time, pushing back behind you with your arms.

Or alternatively roll over (so your chest is touching the snow), and slowly pushing your hands against the slope stand up (again balancing on the rail which is touching the snow). You should be stood up with your back facing downhill.

Return from snowboard bindings and start moving down the slope in our third lesson!