Get learning to snowboard! Down the slope and making your first turns - Falling leaf.

Falling leaf, is the first step in learning to snowboard done either toeside (back facing down the slope), or heelside (facing down the slope). Its name is taken from the way a leaf naturally sways as it floats to the ground.

Its up to you which way you learn first and it's not effected by your stance

for more info).

Learning to snowboard: Falling Leaf Heelside - sliding down hill

Essentally here your start by sitting down and facing the slope then slowly standing up (see Snowboard Bindings for more info).

This can be seen from a boarders view in the following video:

# Step One

Stand up with continous pressure on the heel edge, so your balancing on the metal rail edge

# Step Two

When ready slowly bend your knees and add more weight on the toes of your feet, this will send you slowly moving forward.

# Step Three

Too stop simply lift your toes up (both feet!) and put your weight back onto your heels, thus causing pressure against the heel metal edge into the snow.

# Repeat until your used to the feeling, to begin with you'll probably stagger toes up move a tiny bit, toes down stop, toes up move a tiny bit, toes down stop ect.

However once your used to the feeling, you will being too push down, move, push up - slow into a stop.

The ultimate idea is that you'll find a "sweet spot" which will be between the boards base touching the snow and none of the base touching the snow (just the metal rail edge) which will allow you to move forward without having to put all the base down.

You might find you fall over the first few times if so, try and relax as you come down, and put your arms out to stop yourself.

Falling Leaf Toeside: Sliding downhill

This is alike the Falling Leaf Heelside method, except now we are in reverse and on our toes not heels. Toeside Falling Leaf

Snowboarders, often find this easier to learn first, as it enables them to easily put a hand down, if falling forward.

First get into the postion by rolling over on the slope, you should now have your back facing downhill then:

# Step One

Push forward against the slope - keeping weight on your toes thus digging your toe edge into the snow. Slowly begin to stand up, you'll want to be aiming to stand on the toe metal edge not the base of the board (doing this will make you fall over).

# Step Two

Eventually your be fully up on the toe edge, once here bend your knees and begin to put weight on the whole of your feet - more so on the heels of your feet rather than just the toes. (keeping your back straight and shifting weight on your feet rather than leaning backwards).

# Step Three

This should start you moving down the slope! To stop, bring weight back onto your toes and bend your knees forward. At first you may stagger this, but after a short while it should become more fluid.

This is demonstrated from the riders view in the following video:

Keep learning to snowboard

Don't give up on this! A few try's and you should get it!

Keep learning to snowboard! Learn how to make falling leaf turns!