Learn how to snowboard - link those turns!

Learn how to snowboard by linking your turns! Ensure you learned how to Heelside turn and Toeside turn first!

The video below demonstrates tightly linked turns in action:

To begin with you'll want to be turning from one side of the slope to the next.

The red line demonstrates the turn from one side to the next, the second image represents what you'll be aiming for. And the third, well that's the falling leaf you previously aimed for!

Step one: Linking Toeside to Heelside turns!

# Step one

Once you have fully turned into a toeside turn, keep pushing your back foot behind you until you have traveled far enough, return to the fall line and by putting weight on the whole of your front foot - your left foot should then follow. Then begin going in a straight line.

# Step two

Shift your weight from your toes to your heels and then turn Heelside!

Step four: Linking Heelside to Toeside turns

Push out with your back leg until you have completed as much of the Heelside turn/speed as required.

# Step five

Return to the fall line by gently shifting weight onto your leading foots heel while turning your shoulders in the new toeside direction, at the same time shift your weight from your heels to your toes. Then turn Toeside!


Once you can turn from one side of the slope to the next you should consider making your turns tighter - going from a Heelside turn to a Toeside turn with less of a gap between the turns. (See the above pictures). This may take time, and does come with practice so don't expect to be able to this straight away!


Keep trying until you've got this down, it can take different amounts of time depending on the rider so don't rush it ride at your own pace - you will get it, and when you do, you'll be the envy of many!

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