How to wax a snowboard

Learn how to wax a snowboard, in four easy steps:

Waxing a snowboard, is often seen as daunting especially when hot irons and melted wax is thought of. However once you've done this once you'll have no problem doing it again.

But before we get started you will need to following:

What tools will I need?

1) An Iron! - Ideally not your mothers, you'll want a non-steam iron. Used to melt the wax on the board.

2) A Brush - Here I have a special waxing brush, alternatively you could use a plastic haired shoe buffing brush. Used to finish.

3) Wax - Snowboard wax NOT candle wax! This comes either as heat specific (do you ride in spring or winter?), or in all temperatures.

4)A Scraper - To scrape excess wax off.

5) Wax remover spray - use to remove wax left on from previous waxing.


Board cleaner - used to clear grime off your board, in order to prepare for waxing.

Now lets learn how to wax a snowboard!
Step one

Your first step in learning how to wax a snowboard!

So your board looks like this! Its got white dry marks, especially down the rails, its dirty, its riding slow - time to wax!

We begin by clearing any grime of your board, do this either by using board cleaner, or by using a scratch free cloth in warm water (such as kitchen roll).

Then spray (if waxed previously) with wax remover spray. Ensure to cover the complete board.

Then wait for the spray to dry, then rub off again using a scratch free cloth).

Step two

Ironing! Here we want to hold the base of the hot iron in one hand, and the wax in the other directly above the board (working from nose to tail, or tail to nose). Rub the wax up and down the irons base. It should begin to drip down.

If steaming comes from the wax turn the iron down! And please ensure to put spare newspapers below the board or do this somewhere were you can get messy!

You'll want to have the drips evenly spread out on the base of the board. (The idea is to have enough so when you iron the board directly the base will be totally covered by a layer of wax).

Now begin to iron over the dots, in order to create a layer of wax, feel the top side of the board (now the side facing the ground). If you can feel heat, remove the iron and wait for the board to cool. Ideally you want to continue with a circular motion until all the board has been covered with a translucent layer of wax. With an iron just hot enough to continually melt the wax.

Then wait for the wax to soak into the base and dry, allow at least half an hour for this.

Step three

Scraping! Now after the wax has dried and had a chance to soak in, we need to scrape the remainder of the wax off the board. (Don't worry! Wax still remains in the base pores).

Hold the scraper in both hands causing tension between your thumbs and fingers, begin to dig the edge into the wax and push forward scraping wax.

Keep scraping nose to tail, until all the remaining wax has been scraped away. (This may take several nose to tail board length scrapes).

Edges! Now if you have the feature on your scraper (a small cut out square), you can use this to scrape the whole metal rail running round your board.

Step four

Brushing! Now all thats left to do is to brush the base of the snowboard (this finishes the wax and makes the board run even more smoothly!). DO IT!

Simply push down on the brush, brushing from the nose of the board till the tail. You should see little grooves appear in the wax.

Go ride!

Yes! You have finished. And learnt how to wax a snowboard! Check out that base, and compare it to the first picture! Nice eh! Often small scratches become insignificant and invisible after waxing.

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