How to Snowboard, learning, lessons and tricks.

Learning to snowboard is easy if learn't correctly, on this how to snowboard page, I go through the different boarders levels and provide lessons to cater for your current snowboarding level. You will find some lessons have videos attached showing both riders and spectators view.

Beginner Lessons:

Good choice! You have decided to learn too snowboard! Check the links below to get yourself started - you'll be riding in no time!:

Click the following to visit: Intermediate/Advanced Lessons

Lesson: 1 A Snowboard explained: Snowboard Parts

Lesson: 2 Snowboard Stance - Regular or Goofy, which foot where?!

Lesson: 3 How to put your snowboard on! Its difficult on the side of a slope!

Lesson: 4 Catching a button/drag lift

Lesson: 5 Catching a chair lift

Lesson: 6 Learn how to walk around while on your snowboard!

Lesson: 7 Moving down the slope for the first time: Side Slipping # video lesson!

Lesson: 8 Move both ways, with Falling leaf! # video lesson!


Once you have read the beginner lessons, you will want to move onto the next step, which is Heelside and Toeside turns. These will allow you to get down the slope in a faster and more stylish way: # video lesson!

Lesson: 9 Heelside turns # video lesson!

Lesson: 10 Toeside turns, turn the other way! # video lesson!

Lesson: 11 Now link your turns! # video lesson!

Lesson: 12 Now get jumping! # video lesson!

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