Heelside turns carve like a pro on your snowboard!

Heelside turns are the first step to what's called "carving" once you've mastered turning with falling leaf, this allows you to get down the slope with a greater motion of control and at a much faster speed.

Here you essentially drag your back foots edge in front of your leading foot, enabling you to too turn.

This will:

Turn Goofy riders: too the right

Turn Regular riders: too the left

(Learn which is your stance by visiting the stance page).

You can see it performed in the following videos (spectators view and riders view):

Steps to making a Heelside turn

Please learn snowboarding at your own pace, and thus learning the following should be done only on a slight inclined slope.

# Step one

Begin by standing up on your Heelside metal rail (as done in falling leaf) then when ready begin to put weight on the whole of your front foot - your left foot should then follow. Then begin going in a straight line.

# Step two

Once your going in a straight line begin to gently shift weight onto your leading foots heel while turning your shoulders in the new direction your traveling, then slide the tail of the board (your back foot), out in front of your front foot. Bending your knees more as your leg comes round.

# Step three

Then you'll want your board to be completely on its heel edge, keep pushing out with your back leg in order to perform a longer turn.

# Step four

Maintain this until you come to a stop uphill or return to the fall line in order to link into a Toeside turn. (Return to the fall line as done before).

Keep at it!

Keep trying, no one should expect to get this first time, it may take a few attempts try to relax if you fall bending your knees as you go down helps.

Move on from Heelside turns and now learn how to turn toeside and your be looking good!