Falling leaf turns, your second steps on a snowboard enabling you to turn!

Falling Leaf turns: Toeside

You may want to learn this before Heelside depending which falling leaf method your most comfortable with. Here to remind you we will be turning with our backs facing down the slope.

The video below demonstrates this from both an outsiders view and the boarders view:

We turn by, reaching a small momentum first (ensure to read falling leaf first). then:

# Step One

Pushing slightly more weight onto your right foots heel than your left foot while remaining on the boards toe side metal edge, will allow you to move towards the right.

# Step Two

Shifting weight down on your left foots heel (keeping knees bent), while keeping a little weight on your right foot will then turn you too the left.

# Step Three

Stop by centering your weight.

Falling Leaf turns: Heelside

Depending on your choice you can learn this before or after Toeside turns.

# Step One

Once standing up and moving forward at a comfortable pase, begin to put more weight influence on your right foot and try to form an almost diagonal line with your boards nose pointing down hill.

# Step Two

Once here you should begin moving slowly down at that angle, remember to keep on your heels metal edge as this is what causes the turn. Do not slide on the base stay on the rail. Otherwise YOU WILL FALL!

# Step Three

Then once you have covered a small area, begin to centre weight with influence on your left foot and you should allow the board to begin too shift to the left, putting weight on your left foot while remaining the the heels metal rail, will allow you to turn too the left.

# Step Three

To stop turning simply center your weight.

The video below shows this in action:

(Note in the video, I being by having my board positioned straight down the slope, this is not expected, simply begin by described on the previous falling leaf page).

And from the riders view:

So far so good!

If you have accomplished both Heelside and Toeside basic turns your well on your way! Chin up you can now turn!

Follow the link below to the next step after you have mastered falling leaf turns!

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