Europe Snowboard whats it all about!?

Europe snowboard! Europe is a diverse continent, with its main mountain range (the alps), spreading right from the south of france, up and around the top of Italy ending in Albania - peaking in France at Mont Blanc.

Because of this there are mountain ranges spreading through quite a few different countries. has created a break down of these for you here:

Europe Snowboard: France

The french alps begin mid east of the country and stretch south right into southern france.

France is the most popular country for snowboarding in europe, boasting some excellent freeriding (chamonix).Also offering excellent board parks, and half pipes (such as Avoriaz).

France would be the choice for a european traveller, who does not see the point in going further afield.The country has alot to give.


The Italian mountain range completes itself over north italy, and is directly connected to a few resortsin france where you can ski across boarder.

Most commonly visited is the Aosta valley which is surrounded by four of the highest mountains in europe.

One main difference to France is that Italy has lots of small remote resorts rather than few bigger resorts.

Access can be particulary difficult for those visting on planes/trains ect. But Italain resorts are renown tobe cheaper. Especially regarding food.


With half of the country being taken up by the alps - scattered by resorts. Many turn too Switzerland for snowboarding.

Switzerland also has some of the best services provided to snowboarders (with Laax offering snowparks) to rival its american cousins.

Switzerland also has great transport whether by train, plane or road in terms of getting to particular resorts.

However one thing to note is that Switzerland is renown for being expensive.


Austria home to the sound of music amoungst over things, is known to be more recently a top snowboard destination in europe.

Its typical for resorts to be well laid out, with excellent facilities, and beautful scenery. However don't expect typical modern looking resorts (such as france) but rather traditional villages.

Expect excellent service on arrival and during your stay.

Travelling to resorts in austria by road is renown to be easy.


Most of germanys resorts lie at the very south of the country (bording Austria).German resorts are accesable easily with the event of german roads (namly the autobahn!).Resorts are efficient and you will be well looked after.

However snowboarding in germany can become expensive and often overcrowded.


Spanish resorts (with the avent of few) boarder south west france where another mountain range lies (the Pyrenees).Expect alot of french influence, and similar costs to france.

Roads are okay, but its unlikely to find nearby train stations in the resorts themselves, and car hiring is recommended to overcome sometimes difficult public transport.

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