DC Snowboards - What are they like? Which ones the best?

DC snowboards are created by "DC Shoes" founded in 1993, who originally creating shoes for skateboarding. Recently however DC expanded into the snowboard market offering snowboard boots, and clothing and even more recently have brought out a range of snowboards.

So what's the best Snowboard by DC?

Well that depends on your choice, ability and where you like to ride!

DC have created three series of snowboards:

HKD Series

Devolved primarily for All Mountain riding.

MLF Series

This board is for riders looking to board in the park and back country/Off Piste!

XFB Series

Designed for riding in the park, while still holding its own outside.

PBJ Series

Ride this board in the Park and streets!

View all DC boards:

All boards are prices reasonably, which is nice to see from such an established brand as DC.

So which ones the best?

Well the boards within each series are identically made, so a large preference comes down to your riding style and graphic choice.

And which one for beginners?

Well a beginner wouldn't have yet a preference for a riding style.

If there set on a DC board, I would recommend an HKD All Mountain Board, allowing them to ride over all snow covered areas! But again this does depends on your budget.

HKD Boards are priced around £274.99 in the UK or:

$391.97 in the USA

And probably cheaper second hand/Ebay.

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