Getting on and off a chair lift.

Catching a chair lift combined with a Button lift (which if often more harder to learn) allows you to get to the peaks of the mountain (the best slopes are allows higher!). This can be tricky and ofter results in new Snowboarders falling all over the place (especially when getting off!).

How to catch a chair lift

Step one:

Again as with a button lift, leave your back foot is out of the binding but your front foot is in, ensure all backpacks are reversed and in your hands, rather than on your back.

Step two:

As the gate opens slide forward stopping on the correct place (still on the snow!). As the lift comes round look over your back shoulder or right shoulder depending on which way the lift is swinging round from (back for left, front for right). Then bend your knees.

Step three:

The lift will swing under you, and some can be quite aggressive. Hold your back arm out and grab the back rest of your desired seat and then casually sit into the seat.

Step four:

Take off! The lift will ascend, once airborne and after everyone is comfortable bring the top metal bar down and under your snowboard, rest your snowboard on the provided metal bar.

Step five:

Eventually you will see signs to lift the bar, remove your snowboard, and lift the bar.

Step Six:

Eventually your snowboard will touch ground, at this point (before the chair swings round, and after the first instant!) Begin to slowly stand up and push the lift behind you will move you away from the lift, then ride away into a turn or uphill until you stop moving!


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