Catching button lifts on a snowboard

Catching button lifts up in order to get up the slopes in the first place!

These are usually in place alongside nursery slopes, but also feature on longer runs where installing expensive chair lift systems maybe unnecessary. However these can be particularly challenging and are known to be more difficult for snowboarders than skiiers.

Catching the lift.
A Drag Lift. Step 1:

Leave your front foot binding in, and undo your back foot. (see Snowboard stance for more info. This is generally required by most resorts, and allows you to use your back foot to regain your balance if you need to.

Step two:

Once its your turn, bend your knees and look over either your back shoulder if the lift is coming from your left or your leading shoulder if its on your right.

Step three:

As the lift comes round (or if its queued up), grab the bar and bring the button under your legs - while still bending your knees standing sideways and looking forward. DO NOT SIT ON THE BUTTON.

Step four:

A small moment will pass and the lift will tug you, maintain balance with equal weight proportion as you being to move. If you feel like your loosing balance remove your back foot tap the ground and replace. Remember the lift is pulling the side of your leading leg and not equally both your legs (as a skier).

Step five:

If you feel like your sliding off the edge, push up on your back foot's toes and push your back foot out behind you this will turn you to the right. Putting weight on your back foot's heel and pushing the back of the board out in front of you will turn you too the right.

Step Six:

At the top, you will see signs stating for you to remove your button lift from your legs, do this once you have reached the top, and passed the sign. Gently remove the lift from under your legs and slide away. Pushing into a turn or sliding up hill until you stop.

Don't give up

Remember it usually takes a few attempts but you will master this. It seemed to take me ages to get this down. But its an essential step so please don't skip this. I know one avid Snowboarder, who regularly rides down reds and the odd black, but has never got on a button lift successfully (he gave up trying after a few attempts).

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