About Burton Snowboards

Jack Burton Carpenter(the founder of Burton snowboards), has been credited with inventing the common snowboard we see today.

Inspired by the "snurfer" a popular snow gliding toy invented by Sherman Poppen.

Jack shocked the snurfer community by entering and winning a competition with his own board. And the rest they say is history!

Burton are now the market leading in snowboarding selling, and are often seen as the number one snowboarding brand, by enthusiasts world wide.

So what's the best snowboard made by Burton?

Well this depends on what you want a snowboard for, Burton make three types of boards:

Freeride: Think back country, powder, tree runs!

Bruton Fish or Malolo is recommened for freeride.

All Mountain Freestyle: Ride that powder, and the half pipe!

For Back country Burton Custom and Vapor boards are recommended. Such as Burton Custom Ics.

Park: For purely park riders! Good for jumps, not so good for powder!

XB and the Jeremy Jones signature boards are recommended.

Which Burton board is recommended for beginners/ for those on a tight budget?

Since your looking for a beginner board, your probably, on a budget as your unsure how much use you will get out of your board. You will also want a board that's usable on several types of terrain.

For these reasons now-snowboard.com recommends The Burton Cruzer.

The board has alot of flex, and can be ridden of a variety of terrain.

You can pick up the board for around $179 in board shops, or cheaper on Ebay.

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