All about Arbor Snowboards!

Arbor snowboards are a new exciting company founded in 1995, who are unique in there eco friendly snowboards, they also make skateboards.

So how are there snowboards eco friendly?

The Snowboards Arbor create are made using:

Wooden Topsheets

This means the top sheet of the snowboard is made out of such materials as Maple, Walnut or even Koa wood.

Bamboo reinforced cores

The core of a snowboard is the deep center which receives heavy compression use especially upon landings, and turns. Bamboo is used since its an extremely light, strong alternative.

Arbor Snowboard Logo

Further Eco methods

Arbor also go as far, as offsetting there carbon emissions with Wind power, construct outlets using sustainable materials.

Printing with Soy based inks and ensuring all trash is first seen as potential recyclable goods.

They also print a large amount of documentation (think posters, catalogs ect) on recycled paper. And donate profits to charitable causes - such as American forests.

So what are there boards like?

Arbor currently have fourteen boards in production ranging from Mountain to Street boards. You can see a map of all boards at the offical site:

The Arbor A frame (A typical freeride board), and the Element (an all mountain board), are quickly becoming popular with a justified reputation. However please note these boards are both more top end than low end so are expensive.

So i'm on a budget, which board should I ride?

Well I would recommend the Formula its an All Mountain Board, that while cheaper does not sacrifice too heavily on features.

Its made out of wood, won't the thing snap?

This questions arises a lot, and you should know all snowboards can snap, Arbor snowboards do have wooden cores, but this only makes there boards stronger. So don't worry over any strength disadvantages.

Whats more all Arbor boards purchased brand new come with a two year warranty. - If your board snaps, your getting a new one!

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