So you want to snowboard now!? provides:

Free Snowboarding video lessons (beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons

Pictures (logos, pictures of boarders, pictures of mountains, and your pictures!)

Brand and product info! find out about Burton, Arbor, DC and more!

Holiday's and Locations (Country guide, best resort review, weekend and week plus holiday ideas).

Free guides! How to wax a board, choosing a youth board and more.


I have been boarding for eight years and explored many different locations and enjoyed every moment.

In this time I have taught various friends, this has lead me to believe through giving the correct pointers anyone can go on to learn and enjoy the sport.

The sites designed in order to provide free information to riders of all abilities, we aim to create a community feel to our website with the ability for users to add there own photos and reviews.

You can find relevant pages through the left navigational bar.

Coming soon!

Tools (What size/sizing chart, stance). Cheap boards, and where to board for less! Summer Boarding!

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Table of contents

Snowboard Blog
The Snowboard blog keeps you up to date with additions and changes to Subscribe here.
Snowboard pictures - pictures of snowboarders, photos of mountains, Logos!
Check our snowboard pictures out! Snowboarding pictures inc: Top Snowboard Logos, photos of mountains, pictures of snowboarding, and more! Snowboard Wallpapers! Why not send us your photo!?
How to Snowboard - free snowboard lessons and tricks
Learn how to snowboard with free beginner to advanced snowboard lessons, snowboard tricks click to see more...
The best Snowboard logos, rome snowboard logo, burton snowboard logo and more!
Snowboard logos - all your favourates! In one place, snowboarding logos including Burton and rome logo's plus many more! Click here...
The Best place to snowboard, Where to snowboard? Top snowboard locations here!
Just where is the best place to snowboard!? Looking for places to snowboard? Check out the top snowboard locations over five countinents. And read our TOP resort review! Click here for more...
Snowboard Instructor Course's - Whats the best snowboard insturctor training?
Looking to take a Snowboard Instructor Course? Click here for the best instructor training courses must read reviewes..
How to wax a snowboard - snowboard waxing the easy, quick and best way!
Free tutorial with pictures explaining how to wax a snowboard, with information on the tools needed, types of snowboard wax and more. Waxing snowboards is easier than you think!
About burton snowboards! Best burton snowboard? Want cheap burton snowboards?
Find out about Burton snowboards - reviews of the best burton snowboards, where to find cheap burton snowboards! And more click here...
All about Burton Snowboard Boots! Including best cheap snowboard boots!
Find out which Burton Snowboard boots are the best, the top cheap snowboard boots for those on a budget and those new to snowboarding! Burton Emerald/ozone snowboard boots? Its all here! Click here...
DC Snowboards - what are they like? DC Boards which ones the best - dc hkd?
Find out about DC Snowboards and the company here! Which board is best for beginners? Which board is the best? Click here for more information on dc snowboarding...
Arbor snowboards! What are they like? Whats the best boards - element, a frame?
Find out about arbor snowboards, the new eco friendly boards! whats the best board - arbor a frame snowboard, arbor element snowboard? Click to see everything you need to know...
Youth Snowboards, which kid snowboards are the best?
What you need to know when buying youth snowboards, the differences between youth and adult boards and recommended snowboards for kids. Click here...
A short snowboard holiday - snowboard weekend break with experiances of weeks!
The best Short snowboard holiday's, only one day off work! With the experiances of a much longer trip! Great cheap snowboard packages and breaks! Click for more...
Cheap Snowboard packages!
Feel the breeze as you cruise down a slope for cheaper, click to view snowboard packages!
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